Transportation Scoping Reports

Where the size of a proposed development is likely to have a significant effect on the local highway network then a full Transport Assessment Report is required. This aims to assess the potential effects and propose off-site network improvements when necessary which will mitigate the adverse traffic impacts of the new development which has to be approved by the Local Highway Authority.

In order to try and establish the Authority’s requirements of the TA and to avoid the risk of carrying out any unnecessary additional surveying or design work we will always meet to discuss and agree with the local highway authority the scope of any Transportation Assessments Report. The outcome of this initial work defines the cost and level of input for the subsequent stages to progress the Transport Assessment and the sooner we can have these discussions the more productive and speedy are the outcomes.

We prefer to initially produce a Transport Scoping Study which is submitted to the Local Highway Authority to define the extent, content and key parameters to be adopted in the Transport Assessment and which includes the following:

  • A review of relevant national, regional and local planning and transport policies;
  • A review of the site’s current planning permissions;
  • Site visits to assess and record the characteristics and capacity of the local highway network;
  • An audit of existing & proposed facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport near to the site;
  • A review of available data, including traffic and personal injury accident data and an assessment of the existing operation of the surrounding highway network;
  • Identifying any development commitments or transport infrastructure schemes that may have a bearing on proposals for the site’s development;
  • Commissioning traffic surveys as necessary. The location of junctions to be assessed will need to be agreed with the Highway Authorities but we try to anticipate what would be reasonable to expect for seeking quotations with the precise workscope agreed once the LA has agreed to the Scoping Study
  • Meeting with HA highway officers and their consultants to discuss our findings and agree the extent of their network, modelling and junction details to be covered in detail within the TA.
  • Outline our proposed approach to trip generation, distribution and assignment.
  • Establish the anticipated assessment year and peak period and confirm the methodology in forming the future year base condition.
  • Establish a base to negotiate with the HA on the scale of necessary analysis and junction modelling required
  • Co-ordinate junction surveys and necessary data gathering
  • Present the findings from the proposed Masterplan development.
  • Present the initial data collected

Having completed the above report and with all the information to hand the full extent of the content to be covered by the TA can be agreed with the Authorities with the aim of minimising the risk requests for additional issues to be included late on in the Planning Approval process.

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