BIM & 3D

Enhancing collaboration and information sharing

Reduce project risks, maximise efficiency and collaborate more easily. 

With our BIM expertise, we enable an improved level of information sharing between disciplines. Engineers, architects, contractors all working from a shared model. This dramatically increases the speed of collaboration, enabling faster decision making on your project.

As early-adopters of BIM for all of our projects, we offer significant expertise in enabling smart project delivery.

Our BIM services

Our established BIM workflows and processes make the sharing of information for both construction and operation teams faster, easier and more efficient. 

Extensive experience gained through our projects has given us the ability to collaborate either as part of a project team, or as the project lead.

We can provide a structured information delivery method along with model interrogation processes, and have demonstrated successful outcomes for our projects using our established BIM strategies across a range of sectors.

What is BIM?

In essence, BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the construction industry’s method of standardising the sharing of all asset (building components) information through the use of 3D models that contain individual building elements, rich in data, which can be extracted and delivered electronically during both the construction and lifecycle of the project.

Why use BIM?

The UK Government believe its successful implementation can reduce Capital cost and the carbon burden from the construction and operation of the built environment. These gains will be achieved through delivering a higher level of information enabling more informed decisions that ensure all performance expectations can be realised.

We are Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers who provide comprehensive services to the construction industry. We deliver the right civil and structural solution for all our projects, are commercially astute and aim to always exceed our client expectations.