We have extensive experience of working for contractors across a wide variety of projects. Increasingly we are working directly for contractors and becoming an integral part of bidding design and build teams, helping you to XYZ….

As a team member on a bidding Design and Build team, we are fully committed to winning, and only accept a place with like-minded team members.

As part of your team, we will help by:

  • Testing every aspect of an existing Stage C or D design to find savings.
  • Testing every aspect of the Pre-Planning and supporting technical documents to see if we can improve the design criteria.
  • Producing a full design – to win we must know with surety that we have the most cost-effective design. We are unable to do this without fully designing it. Design estimation will ultimately be inefficient (safe design) or higher risk (estimated optimum design) for the contractor.
  • Producing full drawings – we need to communicate the design at bidding stage and demonstrate to the team marking bids that this is a comprehensive proposal that has been fully engineered to enable a winning price.
  • Working on a no-win no-fee basis.

We can also help

We are Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers who provide comprehensive services to the construction industry. We deliver the right civil and structural solution for all our projects, are commercially astute and aim to always exceed our client expectations.