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With considerable experience of working for Local Authorities on a variety of projects across the country, we can help you to deliver quality, exemplar projects within tight timescales and budgets.

Whether your project is a new build, extension or a major alteration involving primary and secondary schools, libraries, housing schemes, offices, road and drainage schemes, our experts are here to help.

Local Authorities - Cambria Consulting

Most Local Authorities are landowners with multiple parcels of land or disused buildings on their own plots, which can become more of a liability in their vacant state.

These assets can be sold or re-developed in-house, but challenges arise around which ones should be developed first, and how do you get best value for those being sold?

All potential development sites carry abnormal risks which means that either the Local Authority will spend more than usual in developing the site themselves or they will effectively reduce the land value if it is being sold, with the purchaser deducting the cost of all potential risks from the land value he would have otherwise paid.

Typical examples of such abnormal site risks include:

  • Contamination in the ground to be removed
  • Weak ground requiring piled foundations
  • Inadequate mains services in the area needing to be improved
  • Poor vehicular access onto the site requiring additional highway works
  • Proximity to a watercourse or flood area with associated preventive measures costs
  • No foul drainage capacity in the area hence needing to be provided from a distance
  • Above ground or buried services crossing the site needing to be diverted
  • Risk of previous mining having been undertaken beneath the site


To help Local Authorities get best value from your land bank we have developed our Preliminary Site Assessment (PSA) service.

This comprehensive report service assesses the potential risk from all of the above points, plus others, and gives further recommendations on how best to deal with them as cost effectively as possible.

If you’re a Local Authority looking to get the best possible value from your land bank, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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