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Safe, Secure and Ethical Disposal of Assets – How Cambria Demonstrate Compliance

As part of our ongoing commitment to ESG and ISO 14001 policies, we rounded up all our outdated/unused IT hardware from around the office.  The details of each pc/laptop and printer were documented on a register before being sent to our IT support company B2B for wiping – which they accomplished within a few weeks.  We then arranged for Recycle IT 4 Free whose compliance, zero-landfill policy and social responsibilities fit perfectly with our company objectives to come and collect the equipment.  The bonus for us in using this company is not only the GDPR compliance they provide but their Silver Lining Collection Scheme which involves 50% of sold assets being donated to charity.

On the day of collection our Gabby McDermott was ready to meet Adam to complete our part in this recycling mission.   We were overjoyed to hear a few weeks later that Recycle IT 4 Free were able to sell our equipment for £1,200 which meant that £600 was donated to Every Cloud and Creative arts Play Therapy who, a few days later expressed their thanks in writing for the donation and explaining how the money will enable them to support more children this year, by relieving some of the financial burden on families and giving children access to vital support.



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