Net Zero Carbon

Engineering for a carbon-neutral future

The construction industry is responsible for almost 40% of the planet’s energy-related carbon emissions.

At Cambria, we understand the vital need to reduce the amount of embodied carbon in each of our projects, and are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable engineering solutions that drive towards a net zero carbon future.

Our Net Zero Carbon Approach

We integrate carbon-conscious practices into every aspect of our projects. Our approach involves re-evaluating design methodologies, materials, and construction practices to ensure they we play our part in achieving net zero:

1) Reuse, reinvent, repair: Over a quarter of the construction industry’s carbon emissions are embodied in the raw materials and in the construction process itself. To reduce embodied carbon, we promote the refurbishment, reuse and repair of existing structures over new builds. This approach not only reduces carbon, but is also more time and cost-effective for our clients.

2) Low-carbon specifications: We identify and include low-carbon solutions and low-carbon materials in our design specifications to significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with our construction and infrastructure projects.

3) Renewable Energy Integration: Wherever possible, we incorporate renewable energy sources into our designs, driving a transition towards cleaner energy consumption and ongoing emissions reduction.


How we can help you

Together, we can build not only resilient structures but also a future where innovation meets environmental stewardship. Here’s how we can guide your project to a carbon-neutral future:

  • Life Cycle Assessments: Conducting thorough assessments to identify and minimise the carbon footprint throughout the entire life cycle of your project.
  • Renewable Energy Integration: Incorporating solar, wind, or other renewable energy sources to power infrastructure and reduce reliance on carbon-intensive energy.
  • Low-Carbon Materials Selection: Advising on and utilising materials with lower embodied carbon content to minimise the carbon impact of your development.
  • Innovative Design Techniques: Employing advanced engineering techniques to optimise your development for energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Carbon Offsetting Strategies: Developing and implementing strategies to offset any remaining carbon emissions through initiatives such as reforestation or carbon capture projects.

By harnessing our engineering expertise and environmentally-friendly solutions, your development can contribute to a greener, more responsible built environment.

When we can help

DevelopersLocal Authorities, House BuildersEstate Managers – If you have a site that you want to develop, involving us at an early stage will help you identify ways of reducing the environmental impacts of your project. We can then help you to develop action plans that address environmental challenges and incorporate low-carbon solutions.

Contractors – If you have decided to tender for a development of any kind, we can help you win it. We will work with you to find potential carbon reduction opportunities, enabling you to submit a more competitive and more environmentally-friendly bid.

The sooner you speak to us, the sooner we can identify the best way to maximise the efficiency of your project and reduce, mitigate and offset carbon emissions.

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