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Team Building Day 2023

On a cold, wet early morning in March the Cambria team piled into a minibus and headed out for a team building day at Bearfoot & Beyond just east of Caerleon & Newport. Upon our arrival we were ushered up into a large clearing that was covered by a parachute canopy and waited to be told what events lay in store for us.

Each person was given a wooden token with a number written on it between 1-4 in different colours and were told to find those with the same colour token – this was how our teams were formed and with whom we would be completing the tasks throughout the day with. The first instruction was that all number 4’s were sent in search of where their team would be pitched for the day.  In the meantime, those numbered 1 to 3 had to locate and retrieve a box containing everything needed to complete the tasks for the remainder of the day.









From here each number was called back to the canopy to learn a skill which they then had to demonstrate to their fellow camp mates to complete the mini tasks as assigned. These included setting up our camps, making kindling, starting a fire, boiling water for tea, preparing and cooking food and then finally clearing our camps so as to make them look like we had never been there! The tasks of course got everyone’s competitive juices flowing with teams fighting it out to see who could erect their camps first, make the biggest fires and prepare and cook the best lunch.

After clearing away, we once again gathered under the parachute canopy and was shown how to whittle wood and make fancy designs on the willow.  We were only entrusted with a vegetable peeler to start with and then for those that showed enough confidence and skill to not cut off any fingers, were given a knife.  It was at this point the soon to be Mr & Mrs Mitchell were presented with stag horns and a veil respectively – much to their horror.

The last official competition of the day involved each team choosing a member to go head-to-head to see who the best fire starter was and earning their team a chocolate.  The day ended with everyone cooking some S ’mores on the open fire, using their whittled wood as a skewer.  A few of the team couldn’t make it and they were greatly missed and…missed out on a hell of a day.

Everyone piled back into the minibus cold, wet, sore, tired but happy and headed to conclude the day with a drink and delicious meal at the Shoboraj in Newport before heading home.

Can’t wait for next year!!!


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