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Eurocodes  replaced the withdrawn British standards 3 years ago.  It is expected that approved document A will be updated this year to reference Eurocodes.  BSi is expected to declare British standards obsolete by 2015.

 University graduates are being taught to design in Eurocode.  Therefore it would be considered appropriate for graduates to use Eurocodes in their design work.  Engineers before this time are unlikely to adopt Eurocodes unless it is requested by clients or checking authorities.

The driving force to change the design from British Standards to Eurocodes is considered to be the statutory authorities i.e. Local Authority, Building Control, together with any other clients requesting that designs are carried out to Eurocode.

It is considered that the majority of design work will be carried out in Eurocode in the next few years and by 2015 Eurocodes will be used in the design of the majority of projects.

Attached are some websites to view considerations of Eurocodes.


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